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Lottery platform

1Click Games' lottery platform could be an excellent product to start your first iGaming business or a profitable addition to your existing gaming site or kiosk. GLI-19 certified 1Click Lotto is a ticket purchasing network for the world's biggest lotteries, as well as a powerful platform for running your own lotteries and contests.

Sportsbook Software
  • Makes marketing easy with high amounts of money involved in prizes every week.

  • Provides participants with immediate access to all results, statistics and other data.

  • Can be accessed via any smart phone, tablet or other mobile device.

  • This completely self-sufficient lottery platform does not require an in depth understanding of lottery business as it's mostly automated.

  • Can be used to increase the performance of your land-based or online gambling business.

  • Huge variety of different lottery types, including 5 ball, mixed, 5/90, Borlette etc.

  • Lottery result feeds from the official sources.

  • Opportunity to create your own RNG lottery with full back office support.

  • 5 popular lotteries from Canada available – Atlantic Canada, British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec and Western Canada.

  • Favourite American’s state lotteries.

  • 22 most popular lotteries from Europe.

  • Different variety of wins – from 5 dollars to millions.

  • Full service of integrating lotteries to an existing gambling website.

  • Opportunity to create your own website with lotteries of your personal choice.

  • Makes your website more interesting for customers and more profitable for you.

  • Special App compatible with Android POS device in dispersed locations.

  • Unique, innovative lottery products.

  • Insurance policies – cover for all jackpot wins; we manage the risk for you.

  • Flexible promotional tools.

  • Products are built as iframe based plugins for integration anywhere on your website.

  • Our API allows for simple and fast integration with your platform.

  • We offer a true omni-channel experience including USSD, mobile, tablet and desktop.

  • Back-office provides a full bouquet of reporting tools, ensuring full visibility of game performance and risk management.

  • Opportunity to provide worldwide famous lotteries like Powerball, Mega Millions, etc.

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