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Build Your Own Casino and Sportsbook with 1Click CMS

Simple yet rich
CMS combines flexibility
and extensibility

Content Management System

1Click CMS features all you may need to build your online casino and sportsbook - web, mobile and affiliate sites. All are packed with most up-to-date content that is fully customizable and can be easily adapted to your changing needs.

Own casino
  • Provides full control over visible and hidden content, including navigation and menu.

  • Enables cross-selling opportunities and allows to visually engage with customer on multiple stages of their gaming activity, like authorization, registration and deposit.

  • Features built-in multi-accounting prevention, email address verification and geolocation services, simplifying customer registration and enabling local targeting.

  • Automatically determines whether customer is visiting the site for the first time or not, whether he is authorized or logged out, and allows to adjust content to aforementioned states.

Provides every
customer with their own
casino office

User's back-office

own sportsbook

1Click CMS provides exceptional user experience, by allowing customers to overview and manage their accounts themselves. This significantly reduces operational costs of your customer service.

  • Features profile-typed page with data editing enabled, including password change.

  • Features all-time transaction history reports that can be filtered by dates for both payments and bets.

  • Features simplified deposit/withdrawal form integrated with multiple major payment systems and automatically adjustable by customer’s country.

  • Features advanced funds transfer module for licensees that have more than one wallet across all their active products.

Own casino
platform that serves
your best interest

Powerful administration module

1Click CMS combines unlimited possibilities for content management at your own casino available for all major operating systems and device types.

casino platform
  • Accessible from any place in the world at any time via any Internet-connected device, including smartphones and tablets.

  • Does not require download, installation or any advanced developing knowledge for configuration.

  • 100% browser-based interface optimized for Search Engine Optimization, including SEO-friendly URLs.

  • Supports multiple languages, unlimited users and management of user permission roles from one or multiple admin accounts.

Reliable and constantly
improving work

Technical features and support

With all the powerful features that back up every CMS provided by 1Click Games, nothing will ever stand in the way of communicating brand of your own casino and publishing content that converts.

turnkey casino
  • Seamlessly integrates with any customer service software and other third party products that may be required by your business model.

  • Features advanced caching tools and cloud solutions for deployment.

  • Optimized for high loading and shows excellent performance, scalability, clustering and load-balancing indicators.

  • Includes regular maintenance and upgrades by dedicated CMS team as well as hosting and lifetime support of Content Delivery Network.

Start operating your own casino site in 4 weeks