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Innovative Sportsbook Software

Everything sportsbook
requires to
satisfy all demographics

Complete package

1Click Bet sportsbook software provides licensees with everything they need to successfully operate a sports betting business, integrated into a rich yet simple interface of the world’s most popular iGaming product.

Sportsbook Software
  • Supports 200 bet types and features over 40,000+ betting events across more than 50+ sports types every month.

  • Includes full bonus functionality and extensive Customer Relationship Management tools like banner system and marketing campaigns.

  • Creates bigger impact on local markets by supporting multiple currencies as well as multiple languages.

  • Supports European, US and Asian odds formats that can be easily switched by customer with choice being recorded for future visits.

  • Features built-in Risk Management tools and allows customization of margins.

Sportsbook software
that motivates customers
to bet wherever

Mobile Betting


Mobile betting has developed into a multi-billion Dollar market and soon it will lead the industry. 1Click Games’ mobile gaming solution, which comes with 1Click Bet sportsbetting platform provides an industry-leading user experience without the need to integrate mobile product separately.

  • Comes with support for a variety of mobile platforms such as smartphones, tablets, game consoles, cellphones and even TVs.

  • Features the very same betting markets and bet types as the Desktop version as well as a live betting section.

  • Accessible from the same web site and does not require the customer to keep or transfer funds to a separate wallet.

  • Designed to comply with strict regulatory guidelines, including use of GPS location service to ensure that wagering takes place at authorized locations only.

Sportsbook software that
engages with customer during
a sports event

Live Betting

Live betting or, as others call it, In-Play betting is rapidly becoming players’ preferred way of betting and 1Click Bet solution covers this booming market.

  • Features competitive odds and covers over 30,000 national and international sports events every month.

  • Supports over 200 types of live bets across more than 50 types of sports.

  • Features over 150 soccer leagues to bet on live.

  • As well as standard view, there is Event View and Asian View which will appeal to the huge market of live soccer bettors.

Cost effective
way to launch
own sportsbook

Turn-key sportsbook software


1Click Bet is a mobile-friendly web-based sportsbook software that has ultra-short integration time and does not require the licensee to deal with any core bookmaking aspects to profit from operating own online sports betting business.

  • Allows complete customization of the visuals and enables branding.

  • Does not require a deep understanding of bookmaking and complicated day-to-day management. Covers all relevant operational aspects itself.

  • Keeps you fully informed about the effectiveness of relevant business processes with detailed reporting breakdowns per sport, league, country, customer, VIP level, etc.

  • Is perfect for both existing sportsbook operators looking to reduce operational costs, and evolving iGaming businesses that want to add a sports betting product to their current product lineup.

Start operating your own sports betting site in just 4 weeks